Retainer  Program

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Perfect for businesses who need marketing materials on a monthly basis, but don't want to hire a full time designer. 

Who Is This For:

  • Startup businesses that need creative direction to get their brand noticed and build a consistent brand

  • Established businesses that need ongoing creative services guidance from an experienced designer

  • Creative agencies who need reliable support from an experienced designer

How Does It Work:

  • There is a 3 month minimum commitment. At the end of your 3 months, we will evaluate the program to be sure that the number of hours are fitting your business needs.

  • Each retainer includes a set number of hours per month. Overage in hours each week will be billed at the standard hourly rate of $70 per hour. A notification will be sent when approaching your monthly hours usage.

  • Unused hours expire at the end of each month. This is to ensure that I can allow time for your projects and plan my workload accordingly.

  • You will get an invoice on the first day of each month. Invoice will include the monthly retainer rate for that month and any additional charges from previous month. 

  • You have 3 business days to make the payment for that month or the contract will be terminated unless written agreements are made.

  • During intake process we will discuss and setup your projects needed for a month in our client’s dashboard. You will be able to see how much time was spent on each project, access files, leave comments, and view updates.

  • Prior to the upcoming month, we will have a conference call or video chat to review the next month's priorities. Payment for the month ahead will be due on the 1st of each month.

  • We will repeat the process each month for the remainder of the program you selected.

  • At the end of the 3 months, we will review the entire process to see if we need to adjust the numbers of hours or move forward.



What Type of Services Can Be Used in the Graphic Designer Retainer programs?

  • Print Materials – sales sheets, direct mailers, brochures, event programs, signage, flyers, and other more

  • Digital Materials – email templates, social media graphics, blog banners, and other web graphics

  • Ad Design - print and web ads

  • Services do not include additional costs like stock photography & fonts

  • Additional services are available upon request.

  • Please note: Services do not include logo design. Logos will be charged at an hourly rate of $70/hour.



  • 10 hours per month (2.5 hours per week)

  • 8% discount

  • Priority service in projects

  • 1 call or virtual meeting per month to review project load





  • 20 hours per month (5 hours per week)

  • 15% discount 

  • Priority service in projects

  • 1 call or virtual meeting per month to review project load





  • 40 hours per month (10 hours per week)

  • 20% discount 

  • Priority service in projects

  • 1 call or virtual meeting per month to review project load



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  • Complete the form below, so that we can best fit your needs.Once the form is filled out, we will set up our initial consultation to hear more about your brand and projects. 

  • Once the first month’s payment is received, I will set up all of your projects within my monthly schedule. Prior to the beginning of each new month, I will schedule a call to review the next month’s work. During this time, we will also see if we need to adjust the number of hours reserved for you each month.